Reasons to Stay Inside opens at Melbourne Fringe

photo credit Hayden Bevis

Reasons to Stay Inside has opened at the Melbourne Fringe Festival.

A departure from my usual work, this is a play for kids and families. I wanted to create a piece that I could share with my nieces and nephews. I also really wanted to tell a story about anxiety. I think this is a show I would have liked the 10 year old version of myself to see – so I knew I wasn’t alone and so I could talk about it more easily with my family. Maybe.

Reasons to Stay Inside is about Pedro who, one day, just can’t go outside. Instead, he builds a giant pillow fort. And he won’t leave it. Flora, his best friend, tries everything she can to get Pedro to come back outside. You can’t stay in your fort forever, can you?

A show for 8 to 108 year olds about irritating best friends, dancing pegacorns, pillow forts and that weird anxious feeling.

Playing at Arts House, North Melbourne Town Hall – Tuesday 22 September to Saturday 3 October (no shows Monday or Sunday) 1pm (45 minutes). Tickets available online or call 03 9660 9666.


Directed by Prue Clark

Starring Emma Annand and Oliver Coleman

Lighting Design by Amelia Lever-Davidson

Set, Props and Costume Design by Yvetter Turnbull

Sound Design by Lachlan Millsom

Stage Management by Luke Preer

Written and Produced by Katy Warner


Dropped in Sydney

The Goods Theatre Company, based in Sydney, are presenting Dropped at the Old Fitz Theatre this December.

I am so excited about this. As a playwright I always dreamed of my work being picked up and staged in other cities – my dream has come true. I have never met the team behind this new company (although I am aware of their excellent reputation) and feel so … humbled … is that the right word for this? … I feel excited and thrilled and over the moon that Dropped is having a new life, another life, in another city with a group of talented people who will bring their own interpretations, ideas, opinions, joy, sadness, memories and hopes to the words I wrote.

I cannot wait to see it.

When: 8 – 20 December, 2015

Where: Old Fitz Theatre – 129 Dowling Street, Woolloomooloo NSW

Who: Directed by Anthony Skuse, performed by Olivia Rose and Melita Jurisic



And … check out The Goods Theatre Kickstarter Campaign to help get the show off the ground …



Dropped published by Playlab Indie


The legends over at Playlab have just published Dropped through Playlab Indie.

You can now get your own hands on your very own (digital) copy and recreate moments from the show in your lounge-room.

Playlab Indie is committed to promoting independent work and providing exposure for playwrights. They are doing great work for Australian playwrights and independent theatre. Check them out!

… on plays and dropping tea towels



Writers Victoria interviewed me about playwriting and theatre and all that sort of “stuff”. I was really chuffed. You can have a read of my rambling responses on their website if you like.

One day I will be really great at this interview thing. One day  I will be succinct and eloquent and witty and charming and say something that is really profound and it will be captured in an interview not simply muttered alone in the shower …

I have to say, I am getting better. At the interview thing (and the profound shower statements – I really should start recording myself). You may read the interview (no pressure) and think, wow, really, something worse than this … But, yes, there has been worse.

In the heady days of publicity for These are the isolate I did a terrible phone interview for a local newspaper. Clearly this community news journalist had more important stories to cover that day and did not want to be talking to me. Her questions were all concerned with how I, as a young(ish) woman could possibly write a male character. Instead of swearing at her or cutting her down with a witty remark or common-bloody-sense, I tried to answer the question. I tried, I really did, but the more I tried the more I found myself not being able to answer the question. She seemed pleased and I started to doubt my writing and the show and myself as a human being and could only think how awful / arrogant / inauthentic / naive  it was for me to write a male character when I, myself, am not a male character. I stumbled and lied and gave her the answers I thought she wanted. Needless to say the article was horrible. I particularly remember a sentence which went something like; “Warner had no trouble writing a male character because she knows a lot of men and did some research on the internet”. OK. It probably wasn’t that bad, but it was not great (and I happy to say I can find no evidence of its existence).

Other interview doozies include:

  • telling the journo the unstable central character was inspired by my Dad (sorry Dad)
  • saying I wasn’t interested in being on Home and Away and that “sort of thing” (of course I want to be on Home and Away. Who wouldn’t? Idiot!)
  • explaining, in detail, how bad the audiences were (“One night we performed to one person,” Warner explained. Idiot!)

My tips for interviews:

  • Don’t do any of the above

Anyway, this interview is a lot better. Probably due to the lovely people who interviewed me. Thanks John Back and Writers Victoria for taking the time  (and interest) to ask me some stuff about this playwriting thing. You guys rock!

(PS: if you are a writer in Victoria you really should become a member)

Writing in the UK and beyond …


Thanks to the Australia Council for the Arts I am off to the UK (and visiting Europe whilst I’m at it) to further develop and extend my skills as a playwright. The ArtStart Grant is a grant for recent Arts grads to help them further their creative practice – it is not only a financial boost but, and maybe more importantly, a psychological / confidence boost. It makes you feel like, yeah, I should keep doing this thing I am doing …

I am very excited for this next adventure in playwriting …

(More to follow – I am sure.)


Dropped – opens soon at La Mama

Photography by Jessie Prince


Dropped. Actor: Matilda Reed / Photographer: Jessie Prince


Dropped is gearing up for its return season at La Mama Theatre, Carlton.

This time around, Brigid Gallacher joins Matilda Reed on-stage in this all-female production, directed by Prue Clark.

Tickets are available now: