Spencer is full of love and family and all the crap that happens with those two things. It’s funny because it’s true. It’s touching because we’ve all be there. It’ll stick in your mind because more than anything, you can see yourself and your loved ones reflected back at you from that messy home that’s full of the familiar.

Dani Rothwell, Theatre People, 2017


The Prior family are waiting to meet the newest arrival of their family – Spencer (shame about the name). The family have filled Marilyn’s house with fairy-bread and balloons and handmade signs and a heap of expectations. But this is not Spencer’s homecoming, it isn’t even his first birthday party, it may not even be his actual birthday today … But he is turning two sometime soon and it is time for the family, and his father, to meet him.

As the family prepares for the arrival of Scott’s unexpected child they reminisce about the past and make grandiose plans for the future. They fight. They argue. They hurt each other. They prepare to meet Spencer – a child they already love despite the name.

The unknown child who brings a family together – Spencer is a play about family, forgiveness and the unreal expectations we place on those we love the most.

Written by Katy Warner | Directed by Sharon Davis | Starring Lyall Brooks, Jamieson Caldwell, Jane Clifton, Fiona Harris and Roger Oakley | Set and Lighting Design by Rob Sowinski and Bryn Cullen | Stage and Production Management by Adam Fawcett | Produced by Lab Kelpie Productions


2014 Max Afford Playwright Award – Shortlist (Final Ten)

2015 Playwriting Australia – New Play Development – Shortlist


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